C-Purlin (C-75)

  • High powered but light weight.
  • Can be drilled and screw to fix with other pieces.
  • Easy installation and adjustment.
  • Coated with stain-protection, zinc & aluzinc.
  • No need for coloring, save cost.
  • Can be cutted for transportation.
  • Can be used for roofing, walling or stud.




  • Made from stainless-coated steel, also coated with zinc & aluzinc.
  • Used in wall & ceiling structure.
  • Light weight but strong, easy for install.


Monia Purlin

  • Produced from stainless-coating steel.
  • Suitable for small structure like household or awning.
  • Can be use as purlins in 2-layered roofing.
  • No need for welding or coloring. Use only screw to fix with the structure.
  • Various thickness from 0.40 mm to 0.70 mm.
  • Has 2 model height, 23 mm. and 34 mm. for your works.


 Titakorn Cee & Zed


C and Z shaped high-powered purlins Titakorn Steel brand is the new innovation that support the steel structure projects or roof purlins that need high precision, light weight but strong, fast installation and reduce cost compare to standard steel purlins. These purlins has many outstanding properties like...

  1. Produces from high force steel with minimum yield strength 450 Mpa.
  2. Can produce as long as needed.
  3. Can be used in both welding or screwing systems.
  4. Can be choosed from stainless-coated zinc(Galvanize Z-275) and non-coating zinc (Cold Rolled)


C purlin is the balanced 2-wings purlin suitable for single-piece laying or continuous multiple laying by laying the edge of purlins adjacent to each other on the supporting point, can be weld or screw for fixing. Suitable for roofing or general walling.

Z purlin is the unbalanced 2-wings purlin that one side is longer than other for flipping and splicing when joining the purlin. Can be used with single-piece laying or continuous non-overlap laying. Even for continuous overlapping laying that Z purlin will be splicing, spliced Z-purlin will be stronger and support more weight. Tip of the Z-purlin has 2 models, straight 90 degree model and angled 45 degree model.

Material Specification

C and Z purlins has both non-coating and Z-275 zinc coating by has minimum of 450 Mpa yield strength, 1-3 mm. thickness and height from 75-300 mm. to choose.


Sag Rod



Sag Rod for Titakorn steel purlin has 240 Mpa yield strength, electro-galvanize coated. Has 2 models: 9mm diameter for 75-125 mm. purlin, and 12mm diameter for 150-250 mm. purlin. Sag rod is the tool for attach each purlin together to prevent the crash of the purlins and to strengthen the structure. Sag rod is suitable for purlin that rafter distance not longer than 8 mm. by using the twirl and screw to fix it. 1 set of Sag Rod is composed of 1 2-sided twirl steel rod, 4 rings and 4 bolts. Sag rod is the made-to-order variable length rod with variable twirl length. Estimate finish time is 4-7 days according to amount to produce and coating options

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